We have listed some frequently asked questions and answers. If you have any questions,

you can contact us by email: support@yeecoreshop.com , we will reply within 24 hours!

1.When loop recording does not work or recording is interrupted:

(1)Please FORMAT Micro SD card on the camera before initial use, and choose the high speed brand card (Class 10/U3 or above for 4K Video is required).

(2)The speed of the Micro SD card will be slowed down after a long period of time, it is recommended to format it on the camera.

2.Prompt” file error” when playing video or photo files:

It is possible that the writing speed of the TF card has decreased and some video and photo files are abnormal. It is recommended to format the TF card on the camera.

3.How to connect dash cam Wi-Fi with phone App:

(1) Download the lastest "yeecoreviewer" APP from IOS or Android.

(2) Turn on the dash cam, Long press the UP button to enter the WiFi mode,  The WiFi hotspot name is yeecore_ xxxxxx,the password is 12345678.(Tips:After the mobile phone is connected to the dash cam through Wi-Fi, you cannot make any settings on the dash cam. If you need to set it, you can use the APP.)

(3) After your phone is connected to the Wi-Fi hotspot name, open App, click the  "Enter the camera"

a.  At the beginning of default recording, you can click the Record icon to stop recording. You can also click the Photo button to take photos.(Note: When your phone and the dash cam are synchronized via Wi-Fi, the mobile phone stops recording, the dash cam will also stop recording, your phone and the dash cam will save the recorded video at the same time.)

b. You can download and playback the files on the phone app.

4. I bought a dual dash cam, why is the rear camera not shown on the screen?

(1)  Please confirm the two connections are well connected.

(2) Use the car charger cable to connect the Type-C port of the Mount to car's cigarette lighter. Use the rear cable to connect the Type-C port of the front dash cam to rear camera.(Please Do Not Connect Wrong and Do Not Use The USB Cable as the dash cams‘ charger !)

(3) Short press "Up button" to switch front and rear dash cam display screen way.

5.When the video is hazy:

It may be fingerprints or spots on the lens, please keep the lens clean.

6.When recording indoors, there are horizontal stripes in the video:

Please set the flicker to 50Hz or 60Hz according to the local power frequency.

7.When it is difficult to obtain GPS information:

Some car navigation GPS antennas will affect the camera's GPS reception. The dash camera should be installed as far away from the antenna as possible.

8. How to use the parking mode?

  Parking Monitor must be activated with Smart Hardwire Kit (Asin: B09DSK58MW on Amazon). The dash cam will automatically turn on and record 1 minutes video when there's collision or vibration in parking mode.

9.Please visit the YEECORE youtube channel if you have the following questions:

(1) How to Installation the dash camera?  (Link:  Click here to watch)

(2) How to  connect YEECORE dash cam Wi-Fi with smartphone App? (Link:  Click here to watch)

(3) how to update firmware of YEECORE dash cam? (Link:  Click here to watch)

(4) How to download the "Yeecoreviewer" APP on your smartphone?

(5) How to download GPS Player on your PC or Laptop?

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